Harry Potter

And the Call of Nature

(Volume four and a half)

I enjoy the positive vibrations in the world of Harry Potter that Joanne K. Rowling has created and swallowed all four books in a row. Now I could not wait for the fifth book so I created this one to fill the gap (4 ). I had fun in writing it and would appreciate if anyone could share this fun with me. It shall shorten the time until the fifth book is available. If you like it, distribute it to anyone you want, if you dislike it, then ignore it.

Don’t be surprised to find errors in grammar or spelling. I’m not a native English, but I like to write in English to practice and motivate my son to learn English too.

Hints for reading age: Some terms are rather rude and there is a chapter special for teenagers ;-) , but there is nothing that could cause serious harm to anyone from 1 to 100.

Disclaimer: All characters and the world of Harry Potter are property of Joanne K. Rowling.

This book is Fan Fiction. It must not be sold or used for any commercial purposes. It may be distributed freely if this disclaimer is enclosed (by email, in the Internet, printed or in any other form as long as it is not sold). I declare that I also will not sell this book or use it in any commercial form.

Any similarity with natural persons is not intended ;-)

Have fun!

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